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11 de abril de 2012

The São Paulo capital is the most fashionable city in Latin America

Por: Web Matser


São Paulo won the 13th position in the world fashion rank. The ranking, which is held annually, was released in 2011 by the Global Language Monitor, a US-based group that tracks the search and presence of words in the media and Internet. The São Paulo capital is again ranked first in Latin America. The next is Rio de Janeiro (19th) and Buenos Aires (24th). The first position of the ranking was won by New York.

According to the president of the São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris), Marcelo Rehder, the position is a result of work carried out by the São Paulo fashion industry and also the dissemination of the sector internationally. “It is necessary to encourage, increasingly, the creative economies and work on the city’s creative talents. Thus, the city will increasingly be remembered as a reference for creative and innovative productions,” he says.

São Paulo is home to several other events of the segment, which are forming the so-called fashion clusters, that seduces, besides visitors, professionals of the segment and entrepreneurs, moving the city’s economy. The São Paulo capital is already part of the global fashion circuit. Twice a year the city receives the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), which presents the latest trends and collections of internationally recognized stylists. Moreover, São Paulo has specific fairs and events that move related sectors such as Couromoda, of the footwear sector, and Francal, in the sector of footwear and accessories fashion.

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