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11 de abril de 2012

São Paulo is a benchmark in Shopping Tourism

Por: Web Matser


The city of São Paulo hosts 12 million visitors each year, especially attracted by business, by big events and by leisure and entertainment options the city offer. However, who arrives in São Paulo also finds a shopping paradise: There are around 240 thousand shops distributed in the streets of each city region and concentrated in 51 shopping malls, in 59 streets of specialized trade and in the so-called “mini-shoppings” – shopping centers located in many districts of the capital.

The great differential of São Paulo in shopping tourism is the diversity of a commercial offer comparable to the world’s largest metropolis. The city suits who looks for sophisticated consumption of address such as Rua Oscar Freire – one of the world’s most luxurious street -, Daslu, Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva and malls, such as Iguatemi, Cidade Jardim and Vila Olímpia, even those attracted by the popular trade in Bom Retiro, Brás and on Rua 25 de Março, the largest outdoor shopping Center in Latin America. The pulverized location and the easy access to commercial points are other factors that propel the segment, following the example of shopping centers located in regions far from downtown and in subway stations and of thematic addresses near each other.

Attracted by those diverse options, the tourists visiting the city take advantage to do good shopping. A research carried out by Observatório do Turismo, nucleus of studies and researches of São Paulo Turismo, jointly with Fórum dos Operadores Hoteleiros do Brasil (Fohb), revealed that in 2011 around 24% of the tourists stayed in the city for more than one day attracted by shopping. The articles that most interest the visitors are garments (32.5%) and books (17.2%). Among the foreign tourists that came to São Paulo in the same period, the percentage of spending on shopping is higher (15%) and the value reaches up to R$ 2,200.00 during the stay. The foreign tourist’s shopping list, in São Paulo, varies between garments (31.7%), toys (10.6%), perfumery (9.8%) and books (8.9%).

“The attractiveness of São Paulo for Shopping Tourism is undeniable. Such vocation of the city is very well recognized and enjoyed by the foreign visitors that find here a qualified offer of products and opportunities of good shopping”, explains the president of São Paulo Turismo, Marcelo Rehder.

Numbers of Shopping Tourism in São Paulo

  • More than 12 million visitors each year;
  • 24% do shopping in the city;
  • 240 thousand shops;
  • 51 shopping malls, totalizing ten thousand shops and receive four million people per day
  • 59 specialized trade streets in 51 segments;
  • 900 buses arrive at Terminal 25 de Março in December, with 600 passengers per day;
  • R$ 1,800.00 is the average spending per day of buyers in the region of Rua 25 de Março;
  • 17 streets compose the region of 25 de Março, receiving up to 1.2 million people per day, at the end of the year. In other months, around 400 thousand people circulate around the region every day.
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