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30 de setembro de 2015

São Paulo has over 100 cultural spaces

Por: Web Matser


Sesc Pompéia. Photo: Caio Pimenta/ SPTuris.

Sesc Pompéia. Photo: Caio Pimenta/ SPTuris.

The São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris, municipal company of tourism and events) conducted an unprecedented survey through its Center for Tourism and Events on the amount of cultural spaces available in the city. The result revealed that the North, East and South regions are the ones that currently have less cultural spaces (54) and can receive new equipment. The West region and Center concentrate more places of this type (61).

The study is part of a complete inventory that the Center for Tourism and Events is developing about the city and that began to be developed in January. According to the municipal Secretary for Tourism and President of SPTuris, Wilson Poit, the study was surprising. “In our database we had only 50 cultural spaces in the city and now we find that there are more than 100. We took into consideration public, private and independent spaces, all with structure to receive inhabitants and tourists,” he explains.


Sesc Pompéia. Photo: Caio Pimenta.

For completion of the survey, five types of cultural equipment, between public and private sectors, were considered and classified as follows: Cultural centers (68), usually connected to an institution maintained by public authorities, of larger size; Culture houses (17), small cultural centers, located in peripheral regions for community residents, focused on the disclosure of a specific genre normally administered by the local public administration (subprefeitura) of the region; Culture factories (10) and Culture workshops (7), programs of the State Secretariat of Culture that aims to broaden the cultural knowledge of the young through interaction with their own community and participation in workshops and artistic activities; in addition to the 13 units of Social Service of Commerce (Sesc).

According to Poit, the survey is part of a grand design of SPTuris to inventory the cultural attractions and entertainment of the city so that they can work in partnership in the future, to also become attractive for tourists. This year, SPTuris has already inventoried the museums of the city of São Paulo, reaching a final list of 101 units. By the end of the year, it should also diagnose the offer of theaters.

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