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16 de abril de 2014

São Paulo gets an LGBT tourism guide

Por: Web Matser


Material gathers hints on establishments for gay friendly leisure, culture, shopping, and cuisine in the city.

LGBT Guide. Photo: Release/ SPTuris.

São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris, a municipal touring events company) launched, in 2013, the São Paulo LGBT digital guide. With suggestions for tours and dozens of gay friendly establishments in the city, the guide focuses on the topics of culture, cuisine, shopping, nightlife, and regions, with hints on museums, cultural centers, art galleries, shopping centers, fairs, restaurants, bakeries, bars, and dancing parties, most geared towards the LGBT audience or very frequented by it.

There is also a calendar of events, the top 10 tourist attractions of the city, and a complete route, Monday to Sunday, with suggestions, from breakfast to an evening’s entertainment. Everything for visitors to enjoy the very best in the São Paulo capital.

There are two formats: the visitor can opt for site navigation at www.cidadedesaopaulo.com/lgbt or download the material in PDF at www.cidadedesaopaulo.com/download.

SPTuris highlights the importance of working on tourism in such a way as to reach all audiences, showing that São Paulo’s doors are open to all visitors. Segmented tourism customizes our tourism offer according to the visitors’ profiles. The LGBT Visitor is a sophisticated tourist, a lover of culture, fun, and shopping.

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